Tumble Dryer

Does not rotate

In most cases, this should be a simple matter of replacing a broken belt. Pull away the front cabinet panel and lift the drum away from the holding cabinet. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of lint or any other trapped materials. Check the tensioner roller by rotating it manually. Make sure that is able to move without restriction and that there are no visible cracks or breaks. Place the new belt around the drum and replace it within the cabinet.

Produces no heat

If you are dealing with an electric dryer and the thermal fuse appears to work, you will need to check the continuity of the heater element. Remove all wires that are connected to the heating element before testing it. If this component has malfunctioned, it should be replaced. The heating element may be accessed by removing the clip located at the top of the heater assembly. The box may be pulled out and the defective part can be replaced.

Will not start

A dryer that appears to be dead is most likely affected by a defective door switch or a broken/bent plunger. In most cases, a worn out door switch is a normal by-product of regular use. However, rough handling of the door can increase the likelihood of damage to the switch.

No airflow

Maintaining the proper ventilation and airflow is necessary to ensure the optimal functioning of your dryer. The dryer functions by pulling in air from the room. This air is then heated by an electrical or gas heater before it is blown out through the clothes in the dryer to aid the condensation process.  Without an adequate air supply, the dryer will not be able to pull in air for the drying process, and improper ventilation prevents it from expelling any wastewater vapour and hot air. Poor airflow will affect the drying efficiency of the appliance.

Tumble Dryer Repairs

Domestic Repair Centre specialises in tumble dryer repairs for AEG, BEKO,ELECTROLUX, and ZANUSSI and many more. A fully functioning tumble dryer is an essential domestic appliance in today’s busy households.

Unfortunately, faults can occur and common tumble dryer problems include

  • no airflow
  • drum not rotating
  • will not start
  • produces no heat
  • keeps cutting out

if the PCB module (tumble dryer brain) was to fail it could cause any number of random faults with the machine including any of the list above.

Washer Dryers

Washer dryers are a combination of the two machines so they can suffer from any of these faults, however, they will often have more than one element and thermostat as well as timer modules so call out a domestic repair engineer for a professional, quick and fuss-free job. all these machine types are available as built-in integrated versions. they aren’t necessarily more complicated however are most difficult to get to as they are installed within your kitchen cabinets

Our service technicians will visit your home or business and repair your faulty tumble dryer or washer dryer promptly. Before leaving your home, all our engineers carry out safety checks to ensure your appliance is in tip-top condition. To arrange for service/repair visit to your home, simply call our service team on 01432 340140, alternatively complete our contact form.

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