Washing Machines

It Bounces Around

Most washing machines vibrate to some degree, but if you notice a sudden increase in your washing machines vibration or it seems like it’s bouncing about then don’t panic it’s a common issue. It could be because your washing machine is on unlevel ground or because the shock absorbers have become unconnected from the washing machine’s chassis

It’s Noisy

Washing machines will make a noise when they’re in operation but if you notice a sudden increase in sound then there’s a number of potential causes. Most often it will be because some piece of debris like coins have been accidentally placed in the washing machine with your clothes.

Damaging Clothes

No one wants to experience their clothes getting damaged during a washing cycle, do they? But if you do experience this then don’t panic because you might be able to fix the problem so it won’t happen again. Like many washing machine problems clothes getting ripped can be because of foreign objects getting caught in the drum. So, inspect it carefully to see if there are any foreign objects that need removing.

Slow or Non Draining

If your washing machine suddenly starts to drain slowly and you start finding left over water in the machine after a cycle then it might not be as serious as it looks. Simply check the filter and see if there’s any blocks or obstructions, remember to carry out regular checks on the filter to ensure there’s no build-up of dirt or grime.

Not Spinning

While your washing machine refusing to spin can be a sign of motor problems or more serious issues it can also be a simple, easy to fix issue as well. If your washing machine is carrying a  load that’s too big or too small then it might not spin. So, try readjusting your load and trying again, many modern washing machines will only spin when they reach a certain weight.

Door Won’t Open

A washing machine’s door is designed to be incredibly airtight, so when you’re faced with one that won’t open it can feel like you’re trying to open a bank vault. Thankfully fixing the problem might not be too difficult, if there’s still water in your washing machine then you just need to set your washing machine on a cycle again to drain it.

Washing Machine Repairs

Domestic Repair Centre specialises in washing machine repairs for AEG, BEKO,ELECTROLUX, and ZANUSSI and many more. 
A fully functioning washing machine is an essential domestic appliance in today’s busy households,.

Unfortunately, faults can occur and common washing machine problems include

  • not draining and full of water?
  • not spinning?
  • tripping electrics & not heating?
  • starting to smell?
  • not turning on?
  • no water coming through?
  • noisy when spinning?

if the PCB module (washing machine brain) was to fail it could cause any number of random faults with the machine including the any of the list above .

Our service technicians will visit your home or business and repair your faulty washing machine promptly. Before leaving your home, all our engineers carry out safety checks to ensure your appliance is in tip-top condition. To arrange for service/repair visit to your home, simply call our service team on: 01432 340140, alternatively complete our contact form.

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