Ovens & Hobs

Not heating up

A specific type of problem occurs when the oven fan appears to be working and the thermostat light is visible but the oven just does not appear to be able to generate any heat (In the case of an oven without a fan, only the thermostat indicator is visible.) Generally speaking, this type of condition is caused by a failure in the fan element or one of the oven heating elements.

Overheating and burning food

Primarily, this type of problem indicates a malfunctioning thermostat. Check the bulb to make sure that it is not loose. This bulb can come loose and it is necessary to make sure that it is tightly secured. If the bulb has burned out it may have to be replaced.

Door not closing properly

This problem may be caused when the door latch is not properly aligned or is stuck in the closed position. If you own a self-cleaning oven, this could be a result of a failure within the switch or motor that is responsible for controlling the latch. This motor can be accessed by removing the back panel of your oven. In case there are visible burn marks on the motor or the wires, they will need to be replaced. 

Control panel overheats

This can be caused when the oven door does not fit perfectly allowing heat to escape from the front of the oven. If the knobs or doors are constructed from materials such as nickel or steel, there is every possibility that they may reach an unusually high temperature.

In most cases, this could be the fallout of an installation mistake or a faulty oven door seal that may need to be replaced.

Cutting out

Most ovens and cookers will have a safety thermostat or sensor that is usually located in the insulation above the oven cavity. Their primary function is to ensure that the inside of the oven does not reach an unsafe temperature. If the temperature crosses the safety threshold, this sensor will trip and causes the oven to cut off. Owing to its location, this sensor may not be easily accessible and you may require a trained engineer to replace this part.

Appears to be dead

In such cases, it may be necessary to check that the electrical outlet supplying power to your appliance is working. Also, make sure that the circuit breaker has not been accidentally switched off.

This could also be caused when the oven timer has been set to Automatic. If this is the case, you need to consult the product manual about setting the timer back to Manual.

Cooker, Oven & Hob Repairs

Domestic Repair Centre specialises in cooker, oven & hob repairs for AEG, BEKO,ELECTROLUX, and ZANUSSI and many more. A fully functioning cooking appliance is an essential domestic appliance in today’s busy households.

Unfortunately, faults can occur and common cooking related problems include

  • fan on but no heat?
  • tripping electrics
  • noisy fan?
  • grill not working?

Our service technicians will visit your home or business and repair your faulty cooker, oven or hob promptly. Before leaving your home, all our engineers carry out safety checks to ensure your appliance is in tip-top condition.

To arrange for a service/repair visit to your home, simply call our service team on 01432 340140, alternatively complete our contact form.

Domestic Repair Centre, Cooker, Oven & Hob Repair
Domestic Repair Centre, Cooker, Oven & Hob Repair
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